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The deliverable D5.1 "Project Presentation and Web Portal" contains the project presentation and the project website. This comprises the main dissemination and exploitation channel for communicating and promoting the project.

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The ACTiCLOUD Data Management Plan (DMP) describes what kind of data is generated or collected in the ACTiCLOUD project and outlines the Consortium’s policy regarding how this data will be curated, preserved and made accessible. The DMP is a “living” document that will evolve through the ACTiCLOUD project lifespan, in order to reflect both the evolution in the type and form of generated data sets as well as changes in the Consortium’s policies.

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Deliverable D1.2 “ACTiCLOUD Architecture” reports the refined and final ACTiCLOUD architecture that comprises a set of core system components and the relevant APIs, based on the strategic objectives of the project that focus on improving cloud resource efficiency and enabling large, in-memory database applications on cloud offerings.

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Deliverable D2.2 provides the initial version of ACTiCLOUD's cloud resource manager, named as ACTiManager. The deliverable consists of the software source code and its documentation.

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Deliverable D3.2 provides the initial version of ACTiCLOUD's custom Java Virtual Machine implementation, named as Hyperscale JVM. The deliverable consists of the software source code and its documentation.

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In this deliverable we present three extensions developed in the context of ACTiCLOUD to advance the columnar database MonetDB towards an ACTiCLOUD-enabled data center: i) MALCOM, an incremental memory footprint estimation tool for MonetDB; ii) MonetDBLite-Java, an embedded version of MonetDB for JVM; and iii) MonetDB’s support for distributed query processing. For each extension, we first describe its initial design and implementation; then we discuss some initial assessments of its functionality/performance; finally we make plans for future work.

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Deliverable D2.3 provides the final version of ACTiCLOUD’s rack-scale Hypervisor. The deliverable consists of software (binaries and source code), as well as the current documentation. This deliverable is an updated version of Deliverable D2.1, which presented the initial implementation of the rack-scale Hypervisor.

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Deliverable D2.4 provides the final version of ACTiCLOUD's cloud resource manager, named as ACTiManager, that consists of functional components, placement algorithms, models for workload classification, interference detection, and performance prediction. While generic in concept and design, ACTiManager is implemented on top of and fully integrated with OpenStack cloud management platform. The deliverable consists of the software source code and its documentation.

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This deliverable is tightly coupled with deliverables D1.1: “ACTiCLOUD Requirements and base architecture” and D1.2: “ACTiCLOUD architecture”. It is an extension of deliverable D3.1: “ACTiCLOUD-enabled system libraries v1.0” and strongly linked to the components that are put together in the ACTiCLOUD prototype.

The major achievements of the ACTiCLOUD libraries are the improved memory-allocator NC-ALLOC, and the other NUMA aware libraries (NC-LAPACK, NC-MPI, NC-BLACS, and NC-BTL) that make ACTiCLOUD instances available to Big Data, Analytics and HPC applications that need a lot of memory and low latency. Applications using NC-ALLOC, NC-LAPACK, NC-MPI, NC-BLACS, and NC-BTL show good scaling in benchmarks.

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