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The deliverable D5.1 "Project Presentation and Web Portal" contains the project presentation and the project website. This comprises the main dissemination and exploitation channel for communicating and promoting the project.

WP5 ICCS M03 Download Report

This is the first activity of Work Package WP6: “Management” and sets out the steps to be carried out during the project. This work has been carried out by the Quality Manager and revised by the Scientific Coordinator. The Advisory Board (AB) will be presented this document and revisions based on their feedback will be incorporated into the document. The main objectives of the present Project Quality Management Plan are:

  • To establish review procedures in order to monitor the project’s progress and the achievement of its goals.
  • To create clear procedures for delivery of high quality results.
  • To put in place risk management and quality control mechanisms.
  • To provide guidance to the consortium for project reporting, communication, exchange of data, publication and dissemination.
  • To provide templates for project outputs.

The document prescribes a number of processes for ensuring the high quality output of the ACTiCLOUD project. It is the role of the Quality Manager to ensure that the guidance in the document is followed but ultimately it will be the Project Coordinator who ensures that the quality of the outputs are sufficient for the project.

WP6 ONAPP M03 Download Report
D1.1 ACTiCLOUD requirements and base architecture WP1 ICCS M06 Download Report
D5.3 Communication and Dissemination Plan WP5 UNIMAN M06 Download Report
D5.2 Data Management Plan WP5 ICCS M06 Download Report
D6.2 Intermediate Project Periodic Report v1 WP6 ICCS M09 Download Report
D5.4 Market Analysis and Initial Exploitation plans WP5 KALEAO M09 Download Report
D4.1 ACTiCLOUD “strawman” prototype WP4 NSCALE M12 Download Report
D1.2 ACTiCLOUD architecture WP1 ICCS M16 Download Report
D2.1 Rack-scale MicroVisor v1.0 WP2 ONAPP M18 Download Report
D2.2 Distributed cloud resource manager v1.0 WP2 ICCS M18 Download Report
D3.1 ACTiCLOUD-enabled system libraries v1.0 WP3 NSCALE M18 Download Report
D3.2 Hyperscale JVM v1.0 WP3 UNIMAN M18 Download Report
D3.3 MonetDB ACTiCLOUD extensions v1.0 WP3 MDBS M18 Download Report
D3.4 Neo4j ACTiCLOUD extensions v1.0 WP3 NEO M18 Download Report
D5.5 Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation Activities report v1 WP5 ICCS M18 Download Report
D4.2 ACTiCLOUD intermediate prototype WP4 KALEAO M20 Download Report