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Deliverable D3.6 provides the final version of ACTiCLOUD's custom Java Virtual Machine implementation, named as Hyperscale JVM. The deliverable consists of the software source code and its documentation, with special focus on the tools developed during the project for research on memory management.

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This deliverable is a follow-up of D3.3 “MonetDB ACTiCLOUD Extensions v1.0”, in which we have reported the initial implementation of three MonetDB extensions to exploit the functionality enabled by the ACTiCLOUD architecture: i) MALCOM estimates the memory footprint MonetDB needs for a query before its execution; ii) MonetDBLite-Java, an embedded version of MonetDB for Java; and iii) distributed query processing features of MonetDB. In the second period of this project, we have both continued developing the aforementioned software, as well as developing new software. In this deliverable, we present one new MonetDB artefact and give updates to two existing artefacts.

MDBconductor is a new MonetDB artefact. It manages a cluster of MonetDB VM instances in the cloud, and uses the estimation of MALCOM to choose a suitable instance to execute a given query. It also takes care of transparently resizing an instance (e.g. memory and CPU cores) before executing a query, if none of the existing instances is suitable for certain query workload.

MonetDBLite-Java has been ported to the ARMv8 (AArch64) architecture. Furthermore, to ensure we can keep developing and maintaining this MonetDB artefact even after the end of ACTiCLOUD, we have done two major code refactoring. First, we have merged the MonetDBLite and MonetDB codebases into one codebase. MonetDBLite is the core library of MonetDBLite-Java. This merge also enables us to backport features, such as the in-memory only mode, from MonetDBLite to MonetDB. Second, we have migrated the MonetDB build-install-test system from the classic Autotools to the more modern CMake.

To allow MonetDB to scale out to a large number of instances, we have extended MonetDB’s distributed query processing feature to support predicate-based data partitioning and distributed updates.

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This document describes the evolution of the Neo4j graph database within the context of theACTiCLOUD project. This deliverable is not independent but relies on Deliverable D3.5:“ACTiCLOUD-enabled system libraries”.

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