Numascale is a Norwegian venture capital funded SME with 25 employees and with 15 heads in R&D. Numascale was founded in 2008 by Kåre Løchsen and Einar Rustad as a continuation of the R&D group, work and technology from Norsk Data, Dolphin Server Technology and Dolphin Interconnect Solutions. Based in the new server architectures with interconnects like HyperTransport from AMD and QPI from Intel, Numascale continues this work and has delivered cache coherent shared memory systems that are in productive and reliable operation. The products are add-on cards to standard servers that enable fully transparent shared memory operation of a cluster of standard servers running a single instance operating system. This kind of system shows great advantages in programming effort and ease of operation. The system runs standard software except for an intercept in the booting process of the system. Numascale is also engaged in optimizing software modules like R, MPI and OpenMP for the NUMA architecture. Numascale has contributed to the efficiency of the NUMA handling features of the Linux operating system and works on techniques for optimizing the execution of applications on shared memory systems.